The Monday Edition

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ONTARIO PROSTITUTION DECISION Bawdy legal. The Ontario Appeals Court rules in favour of legalizing brothels, and living off money earned from sex work -- with a caveat. We speak to Valerie Scott, the legal coordinator for Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC) about the decision.

TRAYVON MARTIN VIGIL Vigil for a slain teen. A Florida pastor explains how he's coping with community anger over the killing of Trayvon Martin by urging people to have faith in the justice system.


NDP LEADERSHIP ANALYST He had to fight for his right... to lead the party. And now, as the newly-minted official leader of the opposition, Thomas Mulcair is setting his sights on his biggest rival -- Stephen Harper. We get analysis from Montreal columnist, Vincent Marissal.

SHAKESPEARE ORIGINAL DIALECT Putting the accent on Shakespeare. The British Library releases the first ever CD of Shakespeare in its original pronunciation, and we'll talk to the collection's curator.


PAINTBALL AND HEZBOLLLAH Frustrated with trying to report on the ultra-secretive militant organization, Hezbollah, a group of journalists decide there's only one thing left to do: challenge them to a paintball match.

NOISE AND PLANTS Plants don't have ears. But, as ecologist Clinton Francis found out, that doesn't mean they're not affected by the noise around them.

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