The Friday Edition

Just a few of the highlights from the latest show. For a more detailed rundown, click on "Read More" at the bottom of this entry. Or consult the box marked "Latest Audio" at the right-hand side of the webpage.


DUTCH CASTRATION CANADIAN FOLO. Dangerous import. A Dutch Catholic brother, who left the Netherlands in the 1950s after one of his accusers was ordered castrated by the church, received a new post in Nova Scotia.

SUDAN JOURNALIST. Remote and away from the international spotlight. A humanitarian crisis has been quietly unfolding in the Sudanese state of Blue Nile.


VIRGINIA PRISON SEGREGATION. Mental torture. Virginia lawmakers say their state's prison system is engaging in a form of psychological torture by locking up mentally ill inmates in isolation.

CODE CRACKING ENIGMA UPDATE. Shedding light on an enigma. A gift from Spain to Britain is highlighting the role of British classicist, Dilly Knox, in breaking Nazi codes.


WISCONSIN BOOMS. Things that go boom in the night. The city of Clintonville is tossing and turning as it tries to find the source of a mysterious noise that has been keeping its residents awake at night.

NEW DEATH STAR LASER. It's a blast that beats all in the past. Researchers in California fire the most powerful laser in history - a shot containing a thousand times more energy than the entire U.S. uses at any given moment.

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