The Tuesday Edition

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ZIMBABWE FILM SENTENCING. Captive Audience: A Zimbabwe court convicts a group of activists one year after their arrest for watching a video of the demonstrations in Egypt's Tahrir Square.

FTR: GRAHAM JAMES SENTENCING. Speaking out. One of Graham James' victims says he -- and all those who were sexually abused -- need to stand together to help each other -- and future victims.


DUTCH CATHOLIC CHURCH SCANDAL. Horror upon horrors. An investigative journalist in the Netherlands has uncovered evidence that at least one, and possibly several, children who were sexually abused in Dutch Catholic institutions were also forcibly castrated.

SOD: NZ MARMITE SHORTAGE. On a knife's edge. New Zealanders are bracing themselves for "Marmegeddon", as the country's Marmite stocks dry up.


AVEOS FOLO. Going south. Laid-off Aveos airplane mechanics say the company plans to send the work to El Salvador. We'll hear from an investigative reporter who checked out reports of lax safety at the Salvadoran operation.

ARIZONA UNDERGROUND LIBRARY. It's a library that encourages noise -- specifically, public outcry. A group of Latino-American writers has founded a series of underground libraries to fight an Arizona law that bans Chicano lit in public schools.

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