The Friday Edition

Just a few of the highlights from the latest show. For a more detailed rundown, click on "Read More" at the bottom of this entry. Or consult the box marked "Latest Audio" at the right-hand side of the webpage.


ELECTIONS CANADA POWERS. Retrofitting Canada's robo-cop. The Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary on his government's promise to boost Elections Canada's investigation powers.

FRENCH MASCULINE PLURALS. Tongue-tied no longer! A leading French feminist makes her case for cutting women free from the patriarchal bonds of...French grammar.


JAPAN TSUNAMI ANNIVERSARY. The wave that nearly drowned a country. A year after the earthquake and tsunami, newly released documents show that Japan's government had no plan to deal with a nuclear crisis.

OBIT: "DISCO INFERNO" MUSICIAN. There's only one inferno anyone wants to party into. Jimmy Ellis -- lead singer for The Trammps - the group behind "Disco Inferno" died yesterday, and we celebrate his biggest hit.


KENYAN NURSES FIRED. Health workers in Kenya go on strike demanding a raise. In response, the government fires every one of them --twenty-five-thousand of them.

ENCORE: LARRY HARVEY. Some tunes never get old. We bring you an encore presentation of Carol's interview with 1950's country musician Larry Harvey.

...and more.

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