The Wednesday Edition

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ROBOCALLING - DEMOCRACY WATCH. With allegations of vote tampering spreading across the country, an independent watchdog asks whether Elections Canada is up to the job of keeping our elections on the up and up.

ARCTIC ATMOSPHERIC STATION. A big hole to fill. The Arctic research lab that discovered the largest ozone hole ever found over the Arctic will shut down.


FOR THE RECORD: MCGUINTY/REDFORD COMMENTS. Sibling rivalry. Dalton McGuinty says Canada's provinces are a lot like him and his nine sisters and brothers.

GLITTER JACKET OWNER. Everything that glitters is... glitter. The story of one man and his fantastic jacket.


TEXAS BASKETBALL TEAM. Basketball does not define them. A high school basketball team in Texas makes it to the semifinals of the state tournament for the first time in 42 years, only to say they can't play because of religious tradition.

OBIT: JIM GREEN. Remembering Jim Green. He devoted himself to making life better in Vancouver's downtown eastside. His friend, MLA Jenny Kwan, pays tribute to the man who, she says, wanted to make his city "the caring capital of Canada."

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