The Monday Edition

Just a few of the highlights from the latest show. For a more detailed rundown, click on "Read More" at the bottom of this entry. Or consult the box marked "Latest Audio" at the right-hand side of the webpage.


ROBOCALLING - THUNDER BAY CALL CENTRE. Robocall scandal, meet living breathing whistle-blower. We hear from a woman who came to believe she was being paid to mislead voters during the last federal election.

PAK-CDN OSCAR WINNER. Pakistan and Canada share a win at the Oscars. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy made history last night, the Torontonian became the first Pakistani to ever win an Academy Award.


VIA RAIL CRASH VICTIM. We'll speak with a passenger on the VIA Rail train that derailed in deadly fashion yesterday near Burlington, Ontario.

CHATEAU LAURIER AMNESTY. Remember that sumptuous bathrobe you "borrowed" from the hotel? Well, if it's from Chateau Laurier, you have exactly 100 days to get it off your back, scot-free.


TB+EMAIL: GST ON FOOD. Wants fries with that GST? As It Happens listeners shake and bake their opinions about a suggestion that they be taxed on food.

AUSTRALIA POWER STRUGGLE OVER. The gloves come off. Perhaps the most bitter leadership struggle in Australia's history ends when Prime Minister Julia Gillard takes it to a vote.

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