The Thursday Edition

Just a few of the highlights from the latest show. For a more detailed rundown, click on "Read More" at the bottom of this entry. Or consult the box marked "Latest Audio" at the right-hand side of the webpage.


OCEAN RESCUE ATLANTIC. Kissing the ground they walk on. A scallop fisherman and his crew are rescued off the coast of Grand Manan island, in the Bay of Fundy.

HOMS VIOLENCE UPDATE. Surrounded and besieged. For six days, the Syrian city of Homs has been under constant bombardment from a regime bent on crushing an eleven-month-old uprising.


THE CLOCK. Herculean feat of art appreciation! One man watched the award winning art work "the clock" all twenty four hours of it. And they said it couldn't be done.

FRANCE ILL-GOTTEN GAINS. Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, the wines of Bordeaux. When only the best will do, corrupt African leaders go to France to spend. But that may be changing.


ZEBRA STRIPES. A black-and-white answer to an age-old question. A team of Hungarian and Swedish researchers believe they've solved why the zebra has its stripes.

SASKATCHEWAN LAWYER. A Saskatoon lawyer is donating one-third of her fees from residential school abuse cases to set up a fund for victims in northern Saskatchewan.

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