The Tuesday Edition

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CSIS + TORTURE. The torture memos, True North style? A directive from the Minister of Public Security to Canada's spy agency has one Windsor law professor warning that the government might be intentionally violating the laws banning torture.

INSTRUMENTS TO ZAMBIA. Tugging at the harp strings. Dozens of musical instruments are on their way to a modest musical academy in Lusaka, Zambia -- and it's all thanks to Vancouver harpist, Heidi Krutzen.


RUSSIA ON SYRIA. Russia's Foreign Minister and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad put their heads together to find a solution to the violence in Syria.

NORWAY ARTIST N. KOREA. Pop music strikes accordion in North Korea. Musicians from the Hermit kingdom cover A-ha's take on me - and become a viral sensation.


CHATTANOOGA FONT. What's in a font? A city, by any other font, would seem as sweet. Or would it? Typeface designers in Chattanooga think not, which is why they're trying to capture the soul of their town with a new font prototype, called Chatype.

NEW MEXICO CONFINEMENT. A victim of the system. Residents from New Mexico want answers after a man was left to languish in solitary confinement for nearly two years after he was arrested. The county was recently ordered to pay Stephen Slevin 22 million dollars for his bad treatment at the Dona Ana Detention Centre.

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