The Wednesday Edition

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KEYSTONE ANNOUNCEMENT. Timing is everything. The White House says it won't be pressured into a quick approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Republicans call it foot-dragging. We speak with a Congressman and an analyst.

UGANDA LITTLE LEAGUE. Sometimes you can't let a game go. Canada's Little League champs fly all the way to Uganda to play a game of baseball seven months delayed.


MADAGASCAR LEMUR FINGER. The aye aye is weird enough already, but now scientists have discovered its ability to "deactivate" its bizarre, super long finger.

SOMERSET TIME ZONE. A timely intervention. A British MP wants the county of Somerset to be a in a different time zone than the rest of the UK.


SOPA WIKIPEDIA FIGHT. The day the internet fought back. Many are upset about the restrictive implications of the Stop Online Piracy Act. We speak with US Chamber of Commerce member, and pro-SOPA advocate Steve Tepp about why he thinks the bill is necessary.

GLOBAL WARMING - SCIENCE EDUCATORS. Turning up the heat. The folks who've been defending evolution in the classroom go to bat for science education about climate change.

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