The Thursday Edition

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SAME SEX DIVORCE. Lovers in a dangerous time. Like thousands of gay people, Dan Savage got married in Canada -- but now Canada says his marriage might not be legal after all.

CANADIAN TIRE MUSICIAN. Funny Money. A singer song writer sets out to raise the cash to pay for his next Canadian Tire Money.


HAITI AID. Time heals all wounds. Or does it? Two years after an earthquake reduced Haiti to rubble, former Governor General Michaelle Jean is in Haiti for the UN, considering how foreign aid is and isn't helping the country rebuild.

CROSSWORD FLAP. Who be illin'? Will Shortz be illin'. Or maybe not . . . The New York Times crossword puzzle editor on his beef with a reader over the proper use of certain hip-hop lingo.


WHOOPING CRANES. A snow bird who gives a whoop. A Canadian pilot gets FAA approval to lead a group of endangered whooping cranes along their migratory route to their winter home in Florida.

LEGO STEPHEN HARPER. What does our prime minister have in common with a Lego man? Find out on today's edition of Quote-Unquote.

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