The Wednesday Edition

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GADHAFI SON TRIAL Justice for all. After visiting Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif in prison, Human Rights Watch voices concerns that he may not be given a fair trial.

MACINTOSH INQUIRY - MP Pressure mounts to mount an inquiry. Nova Scotia MP, Roger Cuzner, is one of several people in the province pushing for an inquiry into why Fenwick MacIntosh was released from prison last month. Fenwick MacIntosh's convictions on charges of indecent assault and gross indecency were stayed because he had to wait too long for a trial.


NIGERIA VIOLENCE As people take to the streets in desperation after the price of fuel doubles, sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims has claimed dozens of lives. Coming up on As It Happens, we speak to Nigerian journalist, Sam Okuloya, about the current troubles.

TWINKIE OBIT After food company, Hostess Brands, files for bankruptcy protection, we ponder the future of the iconic snack-cake.


ONTARIO MAPLE TREES THREAT A sticky situation. Ontario's maple trees are once again under threat by an invasive species. Not to mention all this mild weather we've been having. Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Gord Miller goes out on a limb to explain the situation.

BURMA REFUGEE REPORT Let the help in. A new report by advocacy group Refugees International says it's time to lift sanctions and let aid flow into Burma. We speak to the report's author on tonight's show.

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