The Friday Edition.

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EGYPT - VIEW FROM THE SQUARE. "Last chance Friday." On the eve of Egypt's transition to democracy, tens of thousands turned out in Tahrir Square to protest the military's continued hold on power.
ATTIWAPISKAT FOLO. When you declare a housing emergency in your community, you might expect a swift response. This is Canada, after all. But it's been a month since the Grand Chief responsible for Attiwapiskat declared just such emergency, and the federal government is only now going in to "assess the situation." 
OBIT: RUTH STONE. A punctuated life. Ruth Stone was an award-winning poet, author, and teacher. She died at her home in Vermont last week at the age of 96. Most of Stone's accolades came later in life, including a National Book Award and a National Book Critics Circle Award. We speak to her granddaughter.
BOXING GIRLS OF KABUL. A new Canadian documentary tells the story of three young women, striving to become world class boxers. All of them live in Afghanistan.
GULNAZ LAWYER. A glimmer of hope for Gulnaz. She is the Afghan woman who, at eighteen, was beaten, raped and impregnated. When she reported the crime to authorities, she was forced to chose between serving twelve years in jail on charges of adultery or marrying her rapist. She chose marriage.  And last night we told you that she had been sentenced again -- this time to three years -- for not reporting her rape soon enough.  But now, Gulnaz has an ally.
FTR: GOODWILL FASHION SHOW. Thrifting threads. University of Alberta students host an eco-friendly fashion show comprised of just goodwill goods.
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