Wednesday, October 19, 2011


And the winners is... After a tense bidding competition between three Canadian cities, the government awards shipbuilding contracts to two of them.

Nothing's rolling in the Isles. Furious about austerity measures, Greeks stage a forty-eight hour general strike.

A conduit attitude. To convince three American Congressman that the Keystone pipeline is a good idea, Alberta gives them a tour of the oil sands.

An animated disagreement. When a Tunisian TV station airs the film "Persepolis", conservative Muslims stage a series of protests.

The Herman condition. A look at the piping hot campaign of Republican presidential candidate, and pizza magnate, Herman Cain.'ve heard the term "music bed"? Well, you're going to need one, as "As It Happens" launches a new music service that plays the most relaxing songs you've ever slept through.

As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that wishes the name "Napster" wasn't taken.

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