Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Brief encounter. The so-called "Underwear Bomber" pleads guilty in an American court -- and a Montreal woman recalls her time on the flight he tried to blow up.

Ex Post facto. Four months after the federal government ordered postal workers back to work, the union launches a legal challenge.

The skies and the limit. Air Canada isn't just fighting labour strife -- it's fighting to survive in a world of cheaper and cheaper travel.

A thousand prisoners for one man -- to him, it's all relative. A cousin of Gilad Shalit reflects on the trade that will free the captured Israeli soldier after more than five years.

Shinny happy people. Wealthy sports buffs prepare to face off, when a Nova Scotia man puts what may be the world's oldest hockey stick up for auction. your bottom dollar. A British man had a lot of cheek when he left Iraq with the bronze backside of a statue of Saddam Hussein -- and it's about to pay off.

As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that salutes his rearguard action.

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