Friday, September 30, 2011


A shot in the arm. A huge victory for supporters of safe-injection sites, as the Supreme Court rules Vancouver's Insite clinic can stay open.

Not to be "Missed". French feminists launch a determined effort to see the word "Mademoiselle" -- which denotes an unmarried woman -- stricken from the record.

Good fences make good neighbours. Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo makes the case for sealing the Canadian border with the U.S.

Mast exodus. A government report says a tall ship used for training sailors capsized because of their inexperience -- but the ship's first mate tells us there was more to it.

The only awards where denial comes before acceptance. Our annual conversation with Marc Abrahams about the weirdest science prizes around, the Ig Nobels.

And...they were hitting the bottle pretty hard. But an Ig Nobel-winning Canadian scientist didn't discover the beetles were drinking too much -- he discovered they were accidentally mating with empties.

As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that hates nothing more than being caught in a bottleneck.

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