Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Spartan parcel. Will a new package of austerity measures save Greece's moribund economy -- or is that just Greek mythology?

Food for final thoughts. When special last meals for criminals facing execution are cancelled in Texas, one former Death Row chef offers to make and fund them himself.

Girl, interrupted. In 2008, Pearl Da Massa vanished from her daycare in England -- and now the seven-year-old has been reunited with her father.

Much adieu -- and then nothing. The head of a British town council tells us about his frustrated efforts to bid farewell to a group of Irish Travellers.

Covering their Treks. When Christopher Plummer wins a lifetime achievement award from Stratford, he reconciles with his former nemesis, Captain Kirk -- I mean, William Shatner.

And...the face that launched five thousand slips. Over fifteen years, one P.E.I. man has sent a staggering number of messages-in-a-bottle -- and received a staggering number of replies.

As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that already has the title of his memoir: "The Joy of Corking".

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