Thursday, September 8, 2011


Misrule Britannia. An inquiry into the death of an Iraqi detainee in British custody finds "a very serious breach of discipline".

Documentary evidence. A conversation with Ric Burns -- who was midway through making an eight-part doc on New York City when the towers fell.

From the Ground Zero up. Architect Daniel Libeskind describes his work as "master planner" of the project being built at the World Trade Center site.

Hey you! Up against the Wal-Mart! Minnesota's Mall of America establishes its own, occasionally overzealous, counterterrorism unit.

Beating the spreads. A toast -- a lot of toast, actually -- to British Columbian Trisha Gagnon, whose raspberry jam just won her the World Jampionship.

And...some folks at a B.C. café / Have decided they don't want to stay / For the price of a poem / You can make it your hoem / And proudly shout "Café, olé!"

As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that goes out on a limerick.


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