Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Grace under fire. A nurse tending the wounded at a Tripoli hospital remains defiantly at her post amid fierce fighting in the Libyan capital.

Check out time. Dozens of journalists held captive in a Tripoli hotel are set free.

His final journey to Ottawa. Jack Layton now lies in state on Parliament Hill where dignitaries and members of the public have gathered to pay their respects.

Going well outside its jurisdiction. An investigation into the New York City Police's anti-terrorism unit finds it has trouble telling the difference between protecting citizens and infringing on their rights.

Perpetual motion machine. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of his Man in Motion tour, Rick Hansen once again rolls out plans for a cross country journey.

And....Here's lookin' at Euclid. Last night we waxed poetic about people's favourite numbers. Tonight we hear back from you.

As It Happens, the Wednesday Edition....Radio you can count on.


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