Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Revolution will be eulogized. Libyan poet and rebel leader, Idris Tayeb Lamin, is celebrating victory as rebel forces take over Moammar Ghadafi's Tripoli headquarters.

New country, old problem. Ethnic violence in South Sudan has left hundreds of people dead -- and the United Nations fears things may only get worse.

Paper cut. Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia loses its single-largest employer when the town's paper mill announces it will close indefinitely.

Apparently it's not "one for all and all for one." A British writer endeavors to understand why people have favourite numbers.

Welcome to the jungle. In its continuing quest to map the world in photographs, Google takes its Street View project out of the city and into the Amazon

And....Lying down their green pastures. An order of Benedictine Monks in North Dakota is forced to sell its ranch because of a shortage of younger cowboy brothers.

As It Happens, the Tuesday Edition....Radio that understands sometimes you can't avoid breaking a vow of silage.

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