Tuesday August 2nd, 2011


What's the deal? The U.S. Senate approves a plan to increase the nation's debt ceiling while capping taxes and cutting public spending -- but Tea Party organizers are still not satisfied.

No reprieve, no mercy. Somalians trying to escape starvation are being placed in internment camps by the Islamist militants who control the region.

A one-man crime epidemic. A Canadian man who knowingly infected his sexual partners with the H.I.V. virus is designated a dangerous offender.

He was on his beam ends but he's ship-shape now. A Canadian sailor stranded in a stormy southern sea is saved.

What could possibly go wrong? Dutch scientists plan to release a plague of mosquitos on the nation in order to see how far the insects can fly.

Plucked from the jaws of death. An American orthodontist plies his trade to save the life of a severely injured sea turtle.

As It Happens, the Tuesday Edition...Radio that praises those who stick their necks out for those who cannot.


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