Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Separation anxiety. A fourth member of the Parti Quebecois defects -- saying leader Pauline Marois can't win independence for Quebec.

Well, we knew he leaned left politically. But now that scandalous photos have revealed a lot more about Congressman Anthony Weiner, his future in politics is in doubt.

Something to write Holmes about. Nearly a hundred-and-thirty years after it was written, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's unpublished first novel is about to make it to bookstores.

A town called malice. There are conflicting reports about who is behind the violence in one Syrian community -- but it's clear the army is planning retribution.

They'll shark you all night long. Great Whites can't just smell blood in the water, they can also smell rock -- as performed by AC/DC.

And...wool wonders never cease. Remembering the late Shrek the sheep -- who hid from being shorn for six years in the caves of New Zealand.

As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that reflects on sheeps that pass in the night.

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