Monday, May 30, 2011


Gone fission. Germany says "Auf wiedersehen" to nuclear power -- which it plans to eliminate within a mere eleven years.

Crossing the boarder. A Ugandan live-in nanny sues her Canadian employer, claiming she was drastically underpaid and severely overworked.

Bring my wife, please. After two years of immigration goof-ups, a Nigerian man living in Canada may soon be reunited with his spouse.

It's just free kick after free kick. FIFA is rocked by a series of corruption scandals -- but its recently exonerated president remains defiant.

Poetic injustice. By all rights, Gil Scott-Heron should have sold millions of records -- but he was more poet and pioneer than pop star.

And...tales from the crypt...ographers. A team of British scientists rebuilds a legendary Second World War code-breaking machine.

As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that's not totally sure what it looks like -- but can give you a fair decryption.

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