Wednesday, May 25, 2011


An uncivil act after a civil war. Residents of a town in Sudan flee after it's attacked from the north - just weeks before the south is to become an independent country.

Bob the Rebuilder? The federal Liberals pick Bob Rae as their new foreman after this month's devastating election results.

A pyramid scheme? Desperate to lure new tourists, Egypt opens up seven new tombs to public viewing.

Solving a black-and-white issue. Computer scientists from Chicago build a barcode-like scanner to help zoologists tell zebras apart.

If you're a time-traveller, how do you know whether your clothes are in fashion? Scots are outraged that replicas of Doctor Who's tweed jacket are to be made in Newfoundland.

And some think banning it was the 'yeast' they could do. Opponents of Marmite speak out in support of Denmark after it deems the British 'delicacy' unfit for human consumption.

As It Happens, the Wednesday Edition. Bad news spreads on this radio.

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