Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A run on the banks. With the Assiniboine River threatening to burst, Manitoba Premier Greg Sellinger explains the desperate measures his province may be forced to take.

Hello, we must be going. The first day of the Scottish National Party's majority government may mark the beginning of the end for the United Kingdom.
Supplies and demand. A U.N. official asks for a ceasefire in Libya, so relief agencies can provide aid to those who are running out of food and water.

Appraising Arizona. Fed up with their state's ultra-conservative politics, residents of Tucson start a campaign to form a whole new state.

Cub reporter. To the age-old question, "Does a bear hit in the woods," one scientist answers "Yes -- but it's more likely to be the father bear than the mother."

And...he set himself a task -- and that task was "come pleated". When twelve-year-old British student Chris Whithead found his school didn't allow shorts, he exploited a loophole -- and wore a skirt.

As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that assumes this tutu shall pass.

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