Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Just so Tories. The Conservatives score a decisive victory -- and James Moore joins me to talk about what's next for his party's majority government. 

A jumping Jack Layton carries the NDP to Official Opposition status -- surprising even some of his own party's candidates.
Loose Libs sink themselves. In one fell swoop, the Liberals lose forty-three seats, and confront a dubious future.
So much water, so close to home. With the Mississippi threatening to spill its banks, engineers blow open a levee -- and flood Missouri farmers' land.

There must be fifty ways to feed your hover. But if you're a hummingbird, there's only one -- and scientists have finally determined how the tiny birds with the weird tongues take a drink.

And...for the sake of their namesake. The town of Phil Campbell, Alabama, was demolished by tornadoes -- so a whole bunch of Phil Campbells pitch in.

As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that fills the air with Phils.


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