Friday, April 29, 2011


Sovereignty disassociation. Two party members of the BQ say the Bloc is passé -- and Quebeckers should vote for the NDP.

It seemed like a breeze -- but now the winds have changed. With the campaign nearly over, Conservative Jim Flaherty gives us his take on his party's shifting fortunes.
The pact, unpacked. Israeli spokesman Mark Regev explains his country's chilly response to the agreement between Hamas and Fatah.
Not a relief pitcher -- a relieved one. One-hundred-year-old legend Conrado Marrero may finally get a pension -- thanks to an American living in Canada.

They can type -- but it's hunt and peck. A new project called "Birds on Twitter" provides our avian friends with a forum for their thoughts on Charlie Sheen.

And...your severance package is a shoebox full of dead pigeons. The falcons who scared off birds at JFK Airport get fired -- falling prey to budget cuts.

As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that knows, even for birds, this economy is un-falcon-believable.


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