Wednesday, April 27, 2011


She wants to stop the home fires burning. When an Alberta woman finds she can set her tapwater alight, she sues the company that's been extracting natural gas near her house.
May in April. With less than a week before the election, Green Party leader Elizabeth May assesses the political environment.

Syria nears a breaking point. The brutal crackdown on protesters continues -- but there are rumblings of dissension within the Syrian army.

The selective unconscious. New research finds that when we're tired, our brains may shut themselves down, bit by bit, until -- wait, what was I talking about?

Playstations of the cross. When Sony's online gaming network is hacked, the company waits a whole week to tell disgruntled gamers.

And...remains to be seen. To celebrate the impending royal wedding, a Scottish hatmaker presents his fallen collection: headgear made entirely from scavenged animal corpses.

As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that presents a delightful matter of wife and death.

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