Monday, April 25, 2011


The crackdown continues. A rights group documents a vicious attack on civilians in the Syrian town of Daraa.

All Jacked up. The NDP celebrates -- and tries to maintain -- its new popularity in Quebec.

Running down a quarry. A group marches a hundred kilometres north of Toronto -- to protest a proposed aggregate mine that would dwarf the surrounding farms.

Northrop Frye, and a lack of espresso. We air an interview between Carol and Margaret Atwood -- about life as a Toronto student in the 'Sixties.

When the bite is worsening the bark. A tiny, hungry beetle is killing the tamarisk tree -- and ruining the habitat of an endangered bird.

And, you are so undead when your mother gets home. A zombie enthusiast writes a children's book called, That's Not Your Mommy Anymore.

As It Happens, the Monday Edition. Radio that wanders the nights for maternity.

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