Thursday, April 21, 2011


The case of the disappearing case: In Bahrain, the family of a jailed human rights activist shows up for his court appearance only to find out authorities have no record of him.

A step backwards for women's rights in Pakistan.  Five of the six men originally convicted of raping social activist, Mukhtar Mai, have now been set free.

Law and ardour. The Koran-burning Pastor Terry Jones wants to protest in a city he believes is under the reign of Shari'a law. That town: Dearborn, Michigan.

Treading carefully.The European Union proposes creating a "save haven" in Misrata, Libya.  But sending in troops is an idea that been tried -- and has failed -- in conflicts elsewhere.

You've heard of a Denver omelette. But probably not a Denver scramble.  Now, the scramble --- which has nothing to do with eggs or chickens but does have a lot to do with crossing the road -- is being scrapped.

Trophy strife. The Stanley Cup endures a road-trip from hell while soccer's Copa del Rey hits the road only to be run over by a double-decker bus.

As It Happens, the Thursday Edition, Radio whose cup sometimes gets runneth over.

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