Wednesday, April 20, 2011


They can't get a Lord in edgewise. Thanks to British Prime Minister David Cameron, the U.K.'s House of Lords is alarmingly overfilled.

Once more into the Gulf. One year after the start of the BP spill, we'll catch up with a Louisiana charter-boat captain who has just re-started his business.
A city under siege. Misrata is being pummeled by Moammar Gadhafi -- and a volunteer at a local hospital describes the desperate conditions.
Presumably, our guest will be speaking with us from her igloo. A magazine in Yellowknife conducts a poll on what we in the South know about the North -- and it's embarrassing.

The lionfish does not sleep tonight. That's because they're an invasive species -- so, in Honduras, divers are teaching sharks to eat them.

And...for those interested in more than moral fabric. A new website will help you understand our party leaders -- by seeing them in the days when they wore velour and polyester.
As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that helps you see people's true collars.

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