Wednesday, April 6, 2011


He won't leave, and they won't stay. As Laurent Gbagbo lingers in Ivory Coast, tens of thousands of people stream over the border into Liberia. 

Sugaring the pills. Years after the medical establishment soured on hormone replacement therapy, new research shows it may reduce the risk of breast cancer for some women.

Not so much beat reporters as beep reporters. Two journalists from the British tabloid News of the World are arrested for accessing people's private phone messages.

That's the East of their worries. With the departure of Danny Williams, Newfoundland and Labrador becomes a key province for both major parties.

Our assets have been liquidated. And the result -- a gigantic pool of meltwater in the Arctic -- could prove a serious liability.

And...that's a whole bunch of giant leaps for womankind. After an uphill battle, female ski jumpers win the right to compete at the next Winter Olympics.
As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that figures now 2014 will be a Leap Year.

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