Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Is he finally giving up the Coast? After French and U.N. airstrikes, Laurent Gbagbo does an abrupt about-face -- saying he'll negotiate the terms of his departure.

The hole truth. If you were running short on things to worry about, good news: ozone depletion over the Arctic is at record levels.

Overdue process. The mother of a victim of the nine-eleven attacks is dismayed that Khalid Sheikh Muhammad will be tried at a military commission, instead of a civilian court. 

A few chips off the old Bloc. A look at the BQ's election prospects in their home province.

You can't spell "fraud" without "Ph. D". Well, you should -- but as this year's Pigasus Awards for bad science demonstrate, not everyone does.

And...he's a firm believer in the British identity -- several of them, actually. During a radio call-in show on the subject of honesty in politics, a politician named Ashley calls in pretending to be someone named Paul.
As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that thinks that's a Paul-ing.

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