Thursday, March 31, 2011


A Sea change in Ivory Coast.  After months of hanging onto illegitimate power, Laurent Gbgabo and his supporters are poised to fall.

Those pots of gold would come in handy right about now. Ireland's banking system is in dire straits and in need of a twenty-four billion Euro fix.

Diplomatic maneuver. Libya's foreign minister -- known as "the envoy of death" -- defects to Britain. We hear from the son of one of Moussa Koussa's victims about why he should go to jail.

Guarding  the student body. The city of Chicago hires retired and unemployed military veterans to guard students from gang violence.

The view from up there. We'll shed some northern light on what the federal election means in the Yukon.

And...On the green. U.S. researchers have developed a biodegradable golf ball for use on cruise ships.

As It Happens, the Thursday Edition, Radio that knows what it's like to get teed off and in over our heads.


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