Monday, March 28, 2011


Fukushima's spreading disaster. Radioactive water has breeched the confines of the damaged nuclear power plant, contaminating the surrounding soil and threatening the sea water.

The fallout at home: extremely low levels of radioactive material from the Fukushima plant show up in B.C.'s rainwater.

He was a farce to be reckoned with. Remembering Roger Abbott, Canadian comedian and co-founder of the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Holding down the Fort. The town of Fort Nelson, B.C., confronts its local bully -- a grown man by the name of "Yappy" Zimmerman.

Sometimes history needs a push and sometimes it's just laying around. A British historian stumbles upon evidence of an English plot to assassinate Vladimir Lenin.

And...Hatching a plan. British researchers have found that cuckoo birds are in an evolutionary arms race with the birds whose nests the cuckoos take over.

As It Happens, the Monday Edition, Radio that regularly flies over the cuckoo's nest.

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