Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Come hell and low water. The American nuclear watchdog says a spent-fuel pool at the Fukushima plant has dried up -- increasing the risk of a meltdown.

Tokyo storm warning. With conflicting reports over the dangers of radiation, residents of the Japanese capital may soon be on the verge of panic -- and rage. 

Crime and reimbursement. Just hours after a CIA contractor in Pakistan is indicted for murder, he's acquitted -- because someone paid the relatives of his victims an enormous sum.

Bahrain burning. A violent crackdown in the capital city has doctors fearing for their lives and at least one hospital in lockdown.

She couldn't get over an underling. The diary of Abdul Karim provides a new perspective on his friendship with the woman he served, Queen Victoria.

And...being...and nothingness. New Brunswick's oddly literal tourism motto -- "Be in this place" -- is going, figuratively, into the garbage.
As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that can't believe its slogan ears.

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