Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Into the breach.  The Speaker of the House of Commons rules not once, but twice, that the Harper Government is in "breach of privilege".

Video canned the radio star.  The head of NPR resigns after her chief fundraiser is caught on tape calling the Tea Party "racist."

They would prefer a withdrawal.  Several major Canadian banks have drafted a letter opposing the proposed merger of the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges.

It was the site of revolutionary acts.  Now it's the site of revolting acts.  Clashes between Christians and Muslims leave thirteen people dead in Cairo.

An arresting development. U.K. authorities arrest two prominent jet-setting real estate tycoons, for their alleged role in the 2008 collapse of the Icelandic banking system.'s out forever.  Residents of California's Redondo Beach clean up after a tsunami of dead sardines wash ashore.

As It Happens, the Wednesday Edition, Radio that appreciates the need for a good sea change.

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