Thursday, March 3, 2011


Up in the air: NATO deliberates about the possiblity and the consquences of imposing a no-fly zone over Libya.

The trial of a lifetime: new charges -- including "aiding the enemy" -- brought against Private Bradley Manning mean he may face a life sentence for his alleged part in the Wilileaks affair.

Striking back -- while they still can: public sector employees in Ohio protest a proposed bill that would severely limit collective bargaining.
Africa's quiet disaster: while countries in Northern Africa erupt in revolution, the Ivory Coast slides closer to civil war.

Putting a lid on it -- or at least trying to.  The Ukrainian agency responsible for sealing off Chernobyl's increasingly ineffective radiation shield is running out of money.

Slide-rule: a pair of Canadian cross-country skiers place first in a Nordic World Championship event, making them the first Canadian men to win gold.

As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that believes those who wax eloquently finish first.

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