Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bordering on disastrous. Where Libya meets Tunisia, an outpouring of refugees is threatening to become a humanitarian crisis. 

Rebels with a cause. Carol speaks with a man who's working with rebel forces inside Libya, about their ongoing struggles with Moammar Gadhafi's soldiers.

He fought for tolerance -- and lost. A Pakistani minister who supported the abolition of blasphemy laws in his country is assassinated.

Two things are certain in life: death and turtles. That is, if you're a zoologist at UBC -- where the final phase of your sea-turtle research necessitates killing your subjects.  

Fish and microchips. It swims, it guides, it looks just like a fish -- a new undersea robot tips its scales in favour of science.

And...saints and sensibility. Last night, we got sanctimonious about a Cornish saint's day -- while completely failing to notice that yesterday was dedicated to the patron saint of Wales.
As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio that hopes all's well that ends Welsh.

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