Friday, February 18, 2011


Far from well, far from home. A Canadian man has been languishing in a Missouri hospital since December -- despite his wife's efforts to have him brought home.

Here's something I don't say every day: chaos in Wisconsin. As thousands protest in Madison, state Republicans defend their budget plan -- and state Democrats have flown the coop.

Hired guns. The big difference between protests in Egypt and Bahrain: Egypt's security forces were Egyptian -- and Bahrain's are scrounged from other countries. 

The Third Reich and the third dimension. An Australian filmmaker discovers three-D films made by the Nazis -- which are surprisingly advanced, and unsurprisingly creepy.     

Stump speeches. In Nevada, on the loneliest highway in America, fans of the so-called "shoe tree" gather to pay their respects to their fallen comrade.

And...time to clean out the looter box. In San Mateo, California, a master thief is finally identified: he's the one playing with the catnip mouse on Jean Chu's sofa.
As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that's not sure those are the cat's pyjamas.

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