Tuesday, February 8, 2011


They can't stop the swelling. Despite promises of government reform, more protesters than ever gathered today in Cairo's Tehrir Square.

The error apparent. It looks like Vice President Omar Suleiman may be the future leader of Egypt -- which, judging by his past, may be a big mistake.

Objection! Quebec's straining justice system is about to be pushed to the brink -- as crown prosecutors and government lawyers go on strike.

Physician, heal thy hospital. The president of a Hamilton, Ontario medical facility tells us what they're doing to stop an outbreak of C. difficile.

Who's at fault? After an endless series of tiny, inexplicable earthquakes, even the most obnoxious jerk in Guy, Arkansas has stopped asking his neighbour, "Did the earth move for ya?"

And...the ottoman empire. That's what your living room could end up as, if you buy a British design team's new furniture -- which is carnivorous.
As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that thinks this idea is rotten to d├ęcor.

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