Friday, February 4, 2011


Taking care of their own. A Cairo doctor talks about how protesters are looking after one another -- and their city -- on the tenth day of the uprising in Tahrir Square.

Taking the sales out of their wind. The federal court rules that the government went too far in forcing the CRTC to give a licence to the owners of Wind Mobile.

Harnessing bad pubicity. A sled dog tour operator in Canmore, Alberta takes flak - because its name is similar to the Whistler outfitter that slaughtered its animals.

Haven't they seen "The Thing?" Russian plans to drill into a previously untapped, underground Antarctic lake have environmentalists worried.

He's smooth, well dressed -- and busted. Australian police capture the man believed to be the "Rico Suave" bandit.

And they want a just desert, but there's not just one dessert. Maine residents try to choose their 'official' cake.
As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that exposes state sweet-rets.

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