Thursday, January 27, 2011


Saying no to Yemen's yes-men. In the streets of Sana'a, thousands gather to demand improvements to their quality of life -- and the removal of President Saleh.

Religious differences. A coalition of Canadian churches says that the Harper government's justice agenda is unjust to taxpayers.

We'll check your cheques -- or you'll check out. A Winnipeg welfare recipient is abruptly evicted from his hotel -- when he refuses to let the front desk open his mail.

Klatsch of the titans. You could say Canada's newly brewed Coffee Party is venti-ing its displeasure with the political process.

We've lost that Louvin feeling. Remembering Charlie Louvin -- who, along with his late brother Ira, took the high lonesome sound to new, exquisitely lonesome heights. one time, scientists thought the creator of Humbert Humber's theory was humbug humbug. But now, butterfly experts confirm that the late Vladimir Nabokov was right about the evolution of a particular butterfly.
As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that is visited by the ghosts of chrysalis past.

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