Monday, January 24, 2011


Fatal blast. A witness describes what it was like to see an exposion rip through the arrivals level of Moscow's busiest airport.

Emerald ire. As the Prime Minister quits the leadership of his party, anger and chaos reign in Irish politics.

Trouble in the execution. Sodium Thiopental supplies dry up -- over ethical issues around lethal injection.

Studying trilobytes of data. A Calgary geologist solves part of the puzzle of the "Great Dying," a mass extinction 250 million years ago.

He never imagined how well his idea would work out. Jack LaLanne, the inventor of the fitness routine, dies at the age of 96.

And... So this pelican walks into a strip club... No, seriously, folks! People in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia try to get a wayward bird home after it was found on the roof of a peeler bar.
As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that gives you a little thong and chance.

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