Friday, January 21, 2011


Solitary Manning. A friend alleges that Private Bradley Manning -- the soldier accused of providing thousands of documents to WikiLeaks -- is being held in intolerable conditions by the American military.

A former editor edits himself out. England's chattering classes insist a one-time tabloid editor hacked into journalists' phones -- so he resigns as the PM's head of communications. 

His past catches up with him. "Baby Doc" Duvalier faces a whole new slate of charges -- including imprisonment and torture.

He's in a eunuch state of mind. Bronx the pit bull goes missing -- and before his family can take him home from at a Quebec animal shelter, he's neutered.

Some consolation to the console nation. According to an American biologist, we can't shoot down video games for promoting obesity among kids.

And...obeying the letter of the law of the letter. If your surname starts with "Z", you're a more avid shopper than someone whose name starts with "A" -- and, of course, that's because of your childhood. 
As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that stresses this applies to both sexes -- a kind of "he zed, she zed" thing.

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