Monday, January 17, 2011


Starting over -- but not from scratch. Tunisia forms a new government -- which divides power between the opposition parties, and the beleaguered ruling party.

Accentuating the deposit-ive. Thanks to a rogue banker, WikiLeaks is in possession of first-hand accounts of hundreds of Swiss accounts.

Davey was Goliath. Remembering Liberal strategist Keith Davey -- whose ability to mastermind election victories made him a giant in Canadian politics. 

In the midst of life, they are in death. The fates of fifteen Death Row inmates hang in the balance in Illinois -- as the state considers abolishing executions.

It seemed like a perfect fit -- and now it just seems perfectly fetid. Residents of the American South cheered at the arrival of a kudzu-eating bug...and then they got a whiff of it.

And...if I had a nipple for every time I've heard this one... Introducing a high-end food item designed for gourmands and babies alike -- an American woman creates three types of breast-milk cheese.
As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that knows a Gouda mom is hard to find.

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