Thursday, January 13, 2011


Urging restraint by exercising it. In an effort to calm his turbulent country, Tunisia's president announces that, after twenty-three years in office, he won't seek re-election.

Bordering on excessive. Hours after they crossed from Canada into the U.S., travellers are being pulled over at surprise checkpoints by roving border patrols.

What's leaving, and what's left behind. In Brisbane, the floodwaters are beginning to recede -- revealing a wasteland of putrid sludge. 

Art of darkness. When the University of British Columbia cancels an exhibition of paintings of Vancouver's missing women, the artist feels her subjects have once again been ignored.

You hate really hate me! To a chorus of boos from the scientific community, BP is dishonoured with a new award called the "Accidental Earth Experiment Prize".

And...putting all their eggs in one basket. A B.C. sturgeon hatchery's cup runneth ova -- as it prepares to become a caviar supplier to the world.
As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that gets the show on the roe.

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