Thursday, January 6, 2011

Authorities call bull -- but BP's still bullish. An official American commission into the oil spill finds a "failure of management" -- but share prices continue to rise.

Poor sports. When it comes to the disappointing local hockey team, a Kamloops sports reporter tells it like it is -- for which the team bans him from the locker room.

An injection of common sense. The British Medical Journal reports that an incredibly influential study linking autism to vaccines wasn't just wrong -- it was fraudulent.

A year in the life of Northern Ireland. A look back at As It Happens' coverage of the breakthroughs and breakdowns that took place in 2010.

Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers! A British church is troubled by the long-snouted animals, until one mysterious late night phone call.

And...apocalypse? Now, now. When it comes to science, NASA's experts say that "2012" wasn't just a disaster movie about the end of the world -- it was a disaster, period.
As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that invites you back to the movies -- for end times' sake.

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