Tuesday, January 4th, 2011


You can't stop progress -- but you can stop progressives. Salman Taseer, the liberal governor of Pakistan's Punjab province, is shot to death by his own bodyguard.

They can't start progress. A year after an earthquake shook Haiti to the core, and despite a deluge of international support, the country still can't seem to find its feet.

When it comes to standing down, he's standoffish. In Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo claims he wants a peaceful solution -- but still refuses to leave the presidential palace.

The writhing tide. When an Australian flood brings a plague of snakes, an expert snake-wrangler's phone rings off the hook.

Downtown, everything's waiting for you. An encore presentation of my interview with Doug Saunders -- whose book "Arrival City" addresses international migration into urban centres.

And...this little light of mine -- I'm gonna let it turn my innards to soup. That, apparently, is what waxmoth caterpillars are thinking -- when parasites enter them, make them glow, and then liquidize their guts.
As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that believes there are no limits to the role of host.

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