Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sounding the alarm in Ivory Coast. The country's ambassador to the U.N. warns the world that a genocide may be looming.

Shelagh of approval. We've known for a long time that the CBC's Shelagh Rogers is a Canadian of the first order -- and now she's an Officer of the Order of Canada.

There are worse things than being un-friended. An Egyptian man gets six months in prison for starting a Facebook group in favour of enlisting in the army.

He was an Aruban in a German band that sang in English about a Russian. Remembering Bobby Farrell, the male quarter of disco phenomenon Boney M.

One singular science-sation. Three visits from a man who thinks Isaac Newton discovered apples: As It Happens' science expert Doctor Robert.

And...your home away from home. A Swedish architect comes up with a plan to move houses from the city to the beach -- using train tracks.

As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that isn't sure why he came up with this cockamamie idea -- although he probably had some loco motive.

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