Tuesday, December 7th, 2010


Everyone knows the trouble Nobody's seen. Another video of police beating G-20 protester Adam Nobody is released -- and we'll talk to the man who shot it.

The guy who came in from the cold. One of Julian Assange's lawyers explains why the WikiLeaks founder handed himself over to British authorities.

Punishing many for the crimes of the few. That's the opinion of Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein, on a new Irish budget that cuts to the bone.

The last snail in the coffin. Well, it's not that bad yet -- but the snails of Banff Springs are in jeopardy as those springs dry up.

If you're trying to impress people, don't drop names -- drop H's. When you mimic someone's accent, you actually improve your communication.

And...hope springs fraternal. We'll introduce you to the twin titans of Canadian arm-wrestling: actual twins Ralphie and Randy Bayers.

As It Happens, the Tuesday edition. Radio that figures you may have heard this story before -- but it's Bayers repeating.

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